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May/June 2015 Newsletter
Summer 2015 Listing of Classes

Summer 2015 Catalog

Note: The Fall 2015 Catalog was mailed at the post office in the morning of Friday, July 27. However, the information was not send to the webmaster for placement on this website until after that and it will take up to several weeks to have it available online. However the information how to open the gate into the Spring Hill campus is not valid.

Next LLI Forum

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.
9:30 a.m. - Refreshments
10:00 a.m. – Speaker
Ernst Cultural Center, Annandale

See the September Newsletter for details.

The Forum room is located on the second level of the Ernst Cultural Center, NOVA-Annandale Campus. Coffee, tea and light refreshments will be served at 9:30 a.m.

Dr. Jim Zimbelman of the National Air and Space Museum made a repeat visit to LLI to provide fascinating insights into our solar system at the May Forum.

At the June Forum, LLI’s own Conne Rubinstein (here with President George Chalou) provided helpful tips on how to create informative and technically sophisticated video travelogues. She then showed her delightful video travelogue of the LLI Baltic Sea cruise.

LLI Student Scholarship Program

Pictured above are some of the members of the Scholarship Committee, NOVA Advisor Maureen Lawson, and the NOVA-Annandale students with family who were awarded 2015 LLI scholarships at the June Forum. Four additional students were unable to attend the ceremony.

Pictured above are members of the Scholarship Committee and the NOVA-Annandale students who were awarded 2014 LLI scholarships at the June Forum. Two additional students were unable to attend the ceremony.

In 1999 LLI established a Student Scholarship Program at the Northern Virginia Community College-Annandale Campus to give much needed financial help to outstanding students. This is in appreciation and recognition of the support provided by the college to LLI, as well as an opportunity to support a most worthy cause.

The artists! Working with instructor, Davi D’Agostino, LLI members had big fun painting their own acrylic masterpieces in just a single class session.

Earlier Art Class Pictures

Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather

If the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) cancel school for the day due to inclement weather, all LLI classes, special activity groups (SIGs), and forums are cancelled regardless of location. LLI morning activities are cancelled if the FCPS announces a 2-hour delay in class openings; LLI afternoon activities are cancelled if the FCPS announces early dismissal. Trips and social events will take place unless cancelled at the leaders' directions.

Did You Know?

As a member of LLI you have a wonderful Northern Virginia Community College Library at your disposal. The library is located on the third floor of the Godwin Building. This is just up the ramp from the Richard J. Ernest Community and Cultural Center. To use the library you simply sign up for a Community Patron card by showing a picture ID. You then can charge out a limit of three books for three weeks and take them home. Also you can renew books online for an additional period. If you have LLI classes on the campus, this resource would be very convenient. Go to http://www.nvcc.edu/library/ for more information.

LLI members enjoyed another display of LLI artistic talent at the 2014 Arts & Crafts Exhibit.

Pictures from 2015 Annual Information Fair
Pictures from 2015 Annual Valentine's Day Party
Pictures from 2014 Holiday Party
Pictures from 2013 Holiday Party
Pictures from June 2012 Picnic at Fort Hunt Park
Pictures from 2012 Annual Valentine's Day Party
Pictures from 2011 and 2012 Holiday Events
Other Photos

The parking fee in the NOVA garage has been increased to $2.00 per hour.

The Next 8 Days at LLI

15S21P (Amidst the Uproar of the Sixties at UC-Berkeley and Lessons Learned): August 5 and 24 is CANCELLED
Member-only Request for Proposal opportunity

LLI folks on our 2015 tour of Sicily and Rome. The second on the right in the front row is our excellent tour leader Gabriella Prestigiacomo from Grand Circle.

Future Travel

Day Trips Study Travel Trips
  • Join us June 11 to June 26, 2016 for a fantastic tour of Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Detailed information on this Grand Circle Travel, “Romantic Villages of Alpine Europe,” tour is now available and registration is open for the exclusive LLI group date. For more information, contact Bob Huley at .
  • 11-day “Untamed Iceland Tour” starting on July 12 or 13, 2016. Because of the high interest in this trip and the number limit caused by the size of the airplane in the middle of the trip, we will be breaking up into two groups starting a day apart. However, the two tours will be spending half the nights together in the same hotels. This also will allow us a second tour leader to answer our questions. When you sign up, please let OAT know whether there is someone special like a member of your family that you want to be with or if you prefer a given start date. Information is now available. There is a 10% discount if you pay by July 10. Sidney Sachs at .

LLI folks at Bow Falls, Banff on the 2014 Northwest National Parks tour.
You are invited to enjoy the many pictures taken by trip members. Simply click on the following link to view them: http://www.flickr.com/groups/llipacificnwtrip/

LLI Photography Special Interest Group
Current Photo Theme

Members periodically select specific subjects or themes for their photographs. The current theme is "The Fourth of July". The following photos, taken and selected by members, exemplify “The Fourth of July”.

The Fourth of July

by Arline Sachs

by Conne Rubinstein

by John Strong

by June Chalou

LLI Gourmands Special Interest Group

The Gourmand Group enjoys a tasty lunch and lively conversation at Chez Andree in Alexandria.

LLI Favorite Books Special Interest Group

For a Favorite Books Club discussion of a story that revolved around a quilting group, Delsa Hildebrandt brought in a beautiful quilt that her mother had made by herself and entirely by hand.

LLI Walkabouts Special Interest Group

Hearty and talkative Walkabouts enjoy a trek in early spring.


NVCC does not issue special permits for using the parking spaces designated for the handicapped on the Annandale campus. Appropriate parking permits issued by any state and the District of Columbia are honored. The permit must be properly displayed and used only by the person or persons to whom it is issued. There is no change to the handicap parking regulations on campus.

The LLI Office is located in Room 216D of the Godwin Building on Northern Virginia Community College's Annandale Campus.
The LLI office is open on Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Mail address is: Lifetime Learning Institute of Northern Virginia, c/o Provost Office CG 202, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, Va 22003-3743
Phone/Fax (703) 503-0600                     E-Mail: llinova@juno.com