2018 Photographs

LLI's January Forum speaker was Hilary Hart Falk, Vice President of Regional Conservation of the National Wildlife Federation. She spoke about how habitat loss, invasive species and severe weather has led to dramatic declines in many species of wildlife in North America. She also addressed some of the programs and activities that are underway to raise public awareness and support for conservation efforts and how we can aid in these efforts.
Dr. Jim Zimbelman, a planetary geologist, has been with the National Air and Space Museum for over 28 years. He enthusiastically took the March Forum audience on a virtual space ride to the planets and stars. There was an interesting Q&A that followed his lecture.

LLI group at the Goddard Space Center on March 28.
June's Forum speaker was Brandon Cosby, Director of Development for OAR. OAR provides Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources to offenders and their families. Mr. Cosby briefed on how OAR works with offenders to rebuild lives and break the cycle of crime. Assistance is provided before sentencing, during incarceration and after release which is a valuable resource to those involved.

A very enjoyable, but warm, visit to the National Arboretum followed by lunch at Clyde's on May 3.

March 12 @ National Gallery of Art
Private showing for a group of LLI/NOVA. We got an intimate look at selections from three centuries of European prints and drawings, unframed and without glazing by artists including Durer, Rembrandt, Blake, etc.