Parking Garage Changes!!

Starts September 11, 2017

At its September 8, 2017, Board meeting, the Board learned that NVCC is going to a new Pay parking system for its campuses, including the parking garage at the Annandale campus where LLI has its Forum meetings and several of its classes.

How Is The Parking System Changing?

After you park your car, you will now Pay In Advance for your parking space at a kiosk in the garage or by using a smart phone.

No more gates or waiting to pay a cashier upon departure!

Will the Price of Parking Be Affected?

There is NO CHANGE to parking pricing: $2.00 Per Hour - $10.00 Daily Max.

PLEASE BE AWARE that campus Parking Enforcement will issue a $25 ticket for non-payment or overstaying your time!

When I Arrive, What Do I Do?

Option 1 - Use Pay Station Kiosks in Garage

Enter the garage and find an available numbered space (the parking space # is sprayed in the space where you have parked). Remember the space #; you'll need it in order to pay at the kiosk.

Go to the Pay Stations located on the 1st, 2nd and now on the 3rd floors of the garage and insert payment for the time you need to park your car.

Pay Stations accept the following payment types:

o Cash - $1, $5 and $10 Bills or Coins - $1, .25 or

o Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

Note that if you pay cash, you can pay by the quarter hour; if you pay by credit card, you must pay in dollar increments only ($1 = a half hour).

Please Note: Pay Stations DO NOT make change & there are NO REFUNDS.

Save your receipt in case you need to add additional time.

You do not need to display anything on your dash. Just Pay and Go!

If you need more time than you paid for initially, take your receipt to one of the Pay Stations in the garage and follow the instructions to add additional time.

Option 2 - Use Passport Parking Mobile Pay App

If you want to avoid walking to the Pay Stations on garage levels 1 and 2 and if you want to avoid standing in lines to use the Pay Stations, use the Passport Parking Mobile Pay (Passport Parking) App.

On your cell phone, download the Passport Parking App from Apple App Store (iPhones), Google Play (Android phones) or from the website (iPhones and Androids).

Open the App and sign up -

o Accept Terms and Conditions.

o Select your preferred method for logging into Passport Parking (phone, text or email).

o Enter the one-time verification code (for the sign-up process) that was sent to your email or via your phone or text message.

o Create a four-digit pin (which you will enter each time you log into the Passport Parking app).

On the "New Session" screen, enter the CampusZone # for NVCC-Annandale campus hourly garage - 462 (if you forget the CampusZone #, it is on the Pay Station machines on garage level 1 and 2).

Add information for your vehicle. (Be certain the license # is correct since that is how your vehicle will be recognized by campus Parking Enforcement.) You may enter more than one vehicle; if so, select the vehicle you are parking. You do not need to enter a "vehicle friendly name" unless you want to.

On the "Length of Stay" screen, select "Choose Stay" to enter the amount of time you want to park (increments of 15 minutes).

Select "Credit/Debit Card" on the "Payment Method" screen and enter your credit card information. This credit card will be used to pay your parking until you remove it or enter information for a different credit card. There is a convenience fee of 25 cents for using Passport Parking.

Confirm all details you've selected.

You'll receive notification (short horn-honking sound) when your parking is near expiration. If your phone is silenced, you'll see a notification that your parking session is expiring soon which you may "ignore," "view" or "extend."

If you want to add more time, you may re-enter your session. Select "Active Session" from the menu, then "Session Options" at the bottom of your phone screen and "Extend" to enter the additional time you want, or start a "New Session" after the initial session expires. You are not charged an additional convenience fee for adding time.

You will always be able to pull up all your parking history and parking receipts.

Option 2a - Purchase Bundles of Parking Hours When Using the Parking Passport Mobile Pay App

If you don't want to be bothered with monitoring your parking time and manually extending your time so that it won't expire, purchase hourly parking bundles when you use the Passport Parking App.

Complete your initial sign-up procedures (see above).

On the "New Session" screen, enter your CampusZone # (462 for NVCC-Annandale Campus garage) and the license plate of the car you are parking.

On the "Length of Stay" screen, select "Choose Stay" to enter the amount of time you want to park.

Select "Wallet" on the "Payment Method" screen (iPhones) to see the flex-parking account "bundle" options (Android: Select "Wallet" and then "Add Account" to continue).

Choose the offer you would like to buy and complete the payment process:

o Option 1: 60 hours for $70 ($120 value)

o Option 2: 30 hours for $40 ($60 value)

Bundle hours will now be available to use from your Passport Parking wallet account for hourly parking in the NVCC-Annandale Campus garage or B Lots.

Note that any remaining balance must be used by the end of the CURRENT semester (12-31-17). Be sure you will be able to use ALL hours purchased.

All sales are final after first use; no prorated refunds.

Handicap Parking: There is no change for Handicap parking. If you have a Handicap hang tag or license plate, you may park free in any Handicap space or in any space in the B Lots or the garage if a Handicap spot is not available.

In addition, parking is now FREE after 3:45p in the garage!

For more information, contact NOVA Parking Customer Support at 703/323-3123 or