What is a Special Interest Groups (SIGs)?

LLI/NOVA’s SIGs are autonomous, self-managed, self funded, informal LLI/NOVA organizations that allow members to pursue their “special interests” with like-minded LLI/NOVA members. SIGs are created or dissolved based on the interests of LLI/NOVA members. The Board of Directors approves the creation of a SIG, and a Board member is assigned as liaison between the SIGs and the Board. Each SIG has a coordinator and establishes its own organization, meeting times, meeting locations and agenda.

While SIGs are for the benefit of LLI/NOVA members, the Board recognizes that there may be occasions when non-members may be invited to participate. The Board supports the SIG coordinator’s flexiblity to invite non-LLI/NOVA members to participate in an activity whenever the objectives of the SIG would be enhanced by non-member participation.

Bridge Group

Favorite Books Club

Financial Discussion Group

French Conversationalists


Photography Group


Visual and Performing Arts

Want to Start a SIG?

Do you have an interest that isn’t being met by one of our existing SIGs above? Find some fellow LLI/NOVA members with a similar interest and then contact the LLI Administrator with your proposal (i.e., a brief description of what you want to do, how often and where you will meet, how many members you expect to have and who will be the SIG Coordinator).

Not sure that there are members with a similar interest? Then contact the SIG liaison and ask to set up a “SIG interest table” and make an announcement at one of our Forums.

Once your SIG has been approved by the Board, our webmaster will assist you in setting up your own SIG home page like those above, so that you can keep your fellow SIG members up to date on your SIG activities and recruit new SIG members.